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Free of cost for simulation sizes up to 200000 cells

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About Wildkatze

Wildkatze is a multi-physics, fully parallelised and validated CFD software, developed to offer our customers high modelling flexibility, accuracy and fast solution through our innovative third order finite volume solver. We offer the possibility to run single and multiphase calculations as well as reacting flows. Fast model set-up and simulation control is possible through Java user interface

  • Innovative third order finite volume solver for high accuracy and fast transient simulations
  • Java GUI for fast simulation set-up
  • Client-Server architecture
  • Shell and GUI driven simulation control
  • Multi-physics: Flow, Energy, Multiphase VOF, Finite Rate Chemistry Combustion
  • Turbulence: RANS and LES
  • Flexible and unique Multi-region & Multi-phase feature to apply different physics to sets of regions/phases
  • Transient and steady state simulations
  • Hybrid transient fractional solver, with stability of implicit SIMPLE solver and efficiency of fractional solver
  • Support for structured and unstructured meshes
  • Motion: immersed boundary method
  • Flexible software framework for fast developments
  • Flexible user coding possibilities for user models and solvers
  • Read more: Wildkatze_brochure